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Our first project with the Palindrom brand is a lightweight high performance wheelset for cross-country racing, but suitable for everyday use thanks to their strength and durability. These wheels are very precise and predictable yet pleasant to ride, even on the longest rides, both at high speed or on trails with endless quick direction changes. The controlled microflex of the rim reduces arm strain. The reduced rotating mass makes them very reactive, while the rim width (i27, 33mm external) minimizes tire rollover and increases precision even at very low pressures, where the 6mm wide counter-slanted bead shelf reduces the possibility of tire burping.

The drilling plane has an offset of 6mm (drawing A), to balance angles and tensions, making the wheels symmetric in their behaviour and strength.
Just one spoke length front/rear, left/right. Being able to choose hubs and spokes (type and number) increases the customizing options.

Upon request the wheels can be supplied in a nice wheelbag made for us by Scicon in Italy, with side protection cups, that are big enough to fit the wheel with 2.4” tires (but can also hold a 27.5” wheel with 3” tires).
The Palindrom logo on the rim is a bas-relief, but we provide stickers in different colors that can be applied on the rim to better complement the colors of the bike.

29”/622, 22.5mm deep, 32.65mm wide, 27mm channel, 6mm spoke plane asymmetry, hookless, tubeless friendly, optimized valve holes, double angle double offset spoke holes, offset nipple holes, 6mm tire bead shelf, Toray carbon, impact resistant resin, made in Italy by Alchemist to our specs.
24, 28 or 32h Drilling
Palindrom logo in bas-relief
“P” Stickers in different colors
semigloss paint
350g (T1100: 315g) +/-2,5%


Sapim CX-Ray, CX-Sprint or D-Light. HM washers on request.


Carbon-Ti SP IS X-Hub (or DTSwiss 180/240/350 supplied by customer).

  • 6mm asymmetry for even spoke tension, maximum lateral resistance and symmetric response
  • Low+wide profile to offer control, precision, resistance and damping
  • i27 channel to widen tire base improving precision, traction, curving grip, reducing burping and rollover while allowing lower pressures
  • 6mm bead shelf to minimize burping
  • D.A.D.O. (double angle double offset) drilling to improve resistance and life cycle
  • 7.5mm angled nipple holes with offset
  • Upper valve hole is circular on a flat surface for maximum sealing of flat and conical valves
  • Flat surface for valve nut
  • Hookless flanges for better impact resistance
  • Counter-slanted bead shelves for improved bead retention, progressive bead seating and optimal adhesion of tubeless tapes.
  • Made by Alchemist in the Venice province with Toray material.

The base configuration (Carbon-Ti SP X-Hub XD, 28+28 CX-Ray spokes) weights 1260g*, every spec variation brings a weight variation, paint adds 4g, HG body adds 4g (10g for DTSwiss hubs), Boost adds 8g, Sprint spokes add 56g, with 24 spokes the weight goes down 38g and so on.

*ATTENTION! Rim weight tolerance is 2.5%, spoke tolerance is 2%, so it is reasonable to expect a 2% tolerance on the wheelset.

You may be surprised to discover that many wheels in the marketplace are not tested before they are offered for sale. Parts are bought, wheels are built and sold. As if the only concerns were weight or looks.

Our wheels instead are extensively tested with a protocol far more severe than the ISO test, to maximize safety.

(drawing A)
The drilling plane has an offset of 6mm

Custom Made.

Our MP1 is not offered in a standard configuration, we prefer to custom spec the wheels based on the customer and his/her needs. Besides different hubs and spokes, we can offer different drilling options (24, 28, 32h) or just the rim. We can also offer the upgrade of the customer’s wheels with our rim, in cooperation with Pippowheels. If this is the case, the customer sends over his wheels or hubs, and we rebuild them with the MP1 rims and the choosen spokes.

The Options.

Rims: 24-28-32h, standard or HD lamination, paint/no paint
Hubs: 24-28-32h, HG or XD, 100/142, Boost 110/148
Spokes: CX-Ray, CX-Sprint, D-Light
Nipples: light alloy (black or red), brass, HM washer
Kit tubeless Pur-Pop Palindrom MP1 with brass valve: assembled
Wheel bag by Scicon: optional.


The wheels are always handbuilt by Pippowheels.


Palindrom Wheels

Via Volta del Merlo, 4
Cartura (PD) Italy


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