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I am Simone Roncali, I live and work in Padova, next to the Euganean Hills. This is me and this is our studio.

My bike passion dates back to my early youth, I’ve worked in the bike business for the past 25 years, where I was lucky enough to team up with great companies (often world renown) but above all with persons of great talent: colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners all had an important role in my professional growth and many of them I can call friends.
Truth is, in my heart Campagnolo has a special place, 15 years of professional passion and extraordinary people.

With two friends from the bike business we had long desired to make “our own” wheels, conceived and made the way we like. So, with me as the coordinator, the Palindrom project was started, gathering our passion, knowledge and experience, with the idea that what we make can be appreciated by many of you.

We’re not fond of marketing “tales”, we know that on many subjects there are no absolute truths, rather different points of view or schools of thought, we tell you how we see things, we explain the choices we make, and you’ll see if they make sense to you as well.

We know someone will see things differently, or have different needs, it’s only natural, in the end the most important thing is to enjoy riding, maybe together, sometimes changing our mind and always improving. Kaizen!



Palindrom Wheels

Via Volta del Merlo, 4
Cartura (PD) Italy
Phone +39 351-539-0193


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