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If you are interested in our product please contact us and let us know if it you prefer to be contacted by email or phone, and when. We will get in touch to study together your needs, to understand together what is the best spec for you.

Payment is currently by bank transfer before shipment, while only for special configurations we ask for a small deposit before production, and balance before shipment. Delivery times (which will be always specified before you place the order) are usually very quick, just a few days to produce and ship. The product will always be invoiced at the exact value paid.

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A few words about trust and safety. We are all afraid of online scams. Usually perpetrated by “scam” websites, sometimes by scammers who use Paypal loopholes to buy from legitimate websites without paying. All the information about our young company and the manager is here on the website, the list of partners we work with is published here as well (most of them are local companies, and almost all friends), the internet domain is ours, the Palindrom brand too, the bank account is with Unicredit, we ship traced from Pippowheels by express courier, in short everything to make you feel comfortable.



You are covered by the two year legal warranty plus a crash replacement policy in case the wheels get damaged by external factors, without being defective. There are other warranties that may be offered from time to time, based on special promotions at the time of purchase.

IMPORTANT: The wheels have two serial numbers, one in the rim channel and one on the black label on the sidewall, near the valve. Tampering with them makes it impossible to identify the product and match it with the invoice. But those serial numbers also passively protect you from theft, as we keep the serial numbers of the stolen wheels and alert the authorities in case they are returned for service.



Via Volta del Merlo, 4
Cartura (PD) Italy
Phone: +39 351-539-0193


Pippowheels srl
Via S. Venier, 15 – 36100 Vicenza
link: service-centers


Palindrom Wheels

Via Volta del Merlo, 4
Cartura (PD) Italy

Email: palindromwheels@gmail.com

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