These are our technical and technological partners and we’d like to explain why they’re important to us.

Why Pippowheels?

Pippowheels began more than twenty years ago as a wheelbuilder for Campagnolo, but today it has evolved into a wheel partner that offers, in addition to assembly and logistics, other important services for the R&D activities. Over the years they have been chosen by many world renown wheel companies, and they support their customers with their experience and knowhow. We’re also good friends.

Why Sapim?

Not only because we are friends and we have been using their products for many years, not just because their product is top notch, with a very stable quality from one batch to another and over time, but also because despite being a major player in the bike business, their service is excellent and so is their commitment to serve smaller customers.

Why Alchemist?

Because it’s a company with passion, know-how and advanced technologies, italian production, capable of making carbon rims with more complex shapes, but also willing to serve smaller company like ours.

Why Carbon-Ti?

It’s an italian company highly specialized in precision alloy parts for the automotive and aerospace industries, that also makes many different lightweight parts for the bicycle industry, including some very nice extralight hubs, that are also very strong and, perhaps most important, reliable in the long term. They offer great service thanks to a very well organized production, and are a perfect supplier for a company like ours.

Why SciCon?

They are a great company and also old friends, in Bassano, Italy. They make in house top quality products, using the best materials.

Why DT Swiss?

Great company in Switzerland. Over the years they became “the” brand for MTB hubs. They also make great spokes. However they are big and deal with the biggest companies in the bicycle industry, so it’s not always easy for smaller companies to work with them.

Why Star-Bianchi/PUR-POP

Another italian family company with five decades of experience in the extrusion of technopolymers. They supported us in testing many different prototypes of their PUR-POP product, to develop a lighter version that works best with our MP1 rims.


Palindrom Wheels

Via Volta del Merlo, 4
Cartura (PD) Italy


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